Second test : carving at the table


poulet roti


Please download the document :

Carving at the table

The candidate will have to carve a roasted chicken at the table, from a dish prepared in the kitchen and served in front of a jury table.

We are committed to reintroducing service gestures into restaurant industry, not just plate service. The restaurant type is a fine dining type one.

The chef place himself in the role of host. He receives at home, around a beautiful whole roasted chicken carved by his headwaiter, in the spirit of conviviality and sharing.

The sauce is made from Chablis wine, each candidate will highlight a bottle of Chablis as a food and wine best match at the time of service.


The example that will serve as context during the event is the restaurant « Les Bains de Secours » in Sevignac Meyrac, click here to view the site of the hotel-restaurant.


les bains de secours

The hotel restaurant « Les Bains de Secours »


The chef-restaurant Mr. Jean Pierre Paroix

The chicken of Janzé is prepared in the spirit « demi-deuil » (« half-mourning ») but with today’s ingredients (pine nuts, herbs), without truffles, but with some mushrooms in accompaniment. Click here to visit the website of our partner poultry.


Each candidate receives the same poultry, cooked exactly the same way. The technique is free. The candidate can bring his own dishes if he wishes.

Material made available:

Pedestal table with wheels (50×70)
Plastic white board (40×30)
Hot support
Various plates

The house FISCHER® provides for this event forged knives Steak ZEN® ref. 620-12 / B4 and forged service forks 64 Sabatier ref. 341-32




The marks are not communicated at the end of the tests so as not to destabilize the candidates on the last test.


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